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Our lawyers build individualized solutions geared toward meeting the unique needs of clients and their families. When you hire our family law attorney, you can be confident that you have made the right choice. We will devote our attention to your case and bring clarity to your legal situation through in-depth legal knowledge and resources.

Attorney Profiles

Mr. Oxendine provided a great experience for a very difficult time in my life!

First of all, I contacted Jarrod’s office after browsing online websites for divorce attorneys. I was immediately drawn to his site because it was appealing, informative and it generally gave me the confidence his firm was the one I should use. I needed someone who I felt was experienced enough and gave me the feeling that they would work diligently to get me through a very difficult process and painful step in my life. The one thing that caught my attention that was noted on his website was the statement regarding how AGGRESSIVE he would be for his clients. That was a game changer for me. All of the apprehensions I had were immediately removed when he quickly scheduled an initial meeting with me. During my initial meeting, I was even more confident I had the right decision. Jarrod quickly patiently listened to me, and then began to outline what actions he would take and explained the process to me. He made me feel relaxed and I got the feeling I wasn’t “just” another client that would be strung along (personally and financially) with no discernible outcome. I immediately retained Jarrod and against his advice, I dropped the proceedings as I sought marital counseling and thought things could be mended. I referenced my decision to drop the proceedings as being a mistake, because he advised/assessed my feelings from day one, and told me he didn’t think I “really want a divorce. Along the way, things didn’t change and several months later I decided to go forward again, but felt embarrassed to contact him again, so I retained another attorney. That was a huge mistake, as I immediately felt he was not as competent and caring as Jarrod was. So, I swallowed my pride and contacted Jarrod and asked him to represent me again. Honestly, I was surprised he agreed too and immediately began where he left off – even assisting me with closing out the business matter with the other attorney. For the next six (6) to seven (7) months, Jarrod’s expertise, advice and professionalism really astounded me. Again, I had no idea what to expect, but seeing him in action, I really had to thank God for the decision I made to retain him. The aggressiveness and personal attention I spoke of earlier became evident, as he aggressively – but professionally – moved through the process. As I am sure is the case with people in my position, resources were limited and if I felt any stress along the way, it was that I felt I wouldn’t be able to retain his services (this was not because his fee was unreasonable, but more because of limited access to our marital assets). To my surprise again, he solved this problem by helping me gain access to my marital assets. He and his office guided me through the rigorous interrogatory process and through the intense mediation process. It was here that I again realized how important his experience was, as he demonstrated his aggressiveness once again. While an agreement between and the plaintiff wasn’t reached in mediation, it did set the stage for an agreement/offer from the plaintiff shortly thereafter. As a matter of fact, the plaintiff commented on more than one occasion after everything was settled, that “it was that attorney of mine that pushed her to offer the settlement” I ultimately agreed to. I took that as a compliment to Jarrod’s efforts and expertise, and testament to what could have been more disfavorable for her should we had gone forward and pursued the actions he recommended. Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone who Jarrod Oxendine and Oxendine & Sauls has represented, but my experience was truly a great one and his attention and concern for his clients could, and should be a benchmark for what others in his field should aspire to achieve. Thank you so very much Jarrod for all you did in helping me through a very difficult time in my life. In the end, I even felt like I found a friend.

-Joe Neely

They made me a renewed believer in the word "justice".

The service and outcome I received from Mr. Oxendine made me a renewed believer in the word Justice. I would definitely return to Oxendine & Sauls for any future legal assistance and would recommend them to anyone as I have already!

- Dr. Hodelin Rene

Responsive & fantastic experience

My sister is the client of the firm, and We are from another state. As you know, fighting for custody while you are from another state is really hard. We didn’t know which attorney to chose to represent us. I spent a lot of time looking and searching for one. And until this time, I felt really lucky and blessed to found Jarrod and the firm to help my sister with her case. Almost 2 years and finally my sister got her children back and won the custody of them. Now they are happy living with my sister and my family in California. My family and I are really thankful and appreciated what Jarrod and Christine for what they did to help us. Especially Christine, she is the most amazing person with a good heart, she will do anything she can to help you, no matter what if it’s holiday or day off if you need her help she will be there. If you are looking for an attorney , Christine is the right one. Once again my family and I are truly appreciated and thank you the firm for what they did to give us the best outcome.

-Quynh Vu

I will always return to Oxendine & Sauls for legal service! 

I highly recommend this firm for representation. They are hard working and always perform what is needed in the best interest of their clients. They strive to win cases and are fair with the cost.

-Pam Zolotas

Responsive & effective work! 

Divorce is not easy, even when your wife commits adultery. I have to admit I had my doubts through the process and at times was ready to “throw in the towel”; had it not been for Christine Palmer “talking me off the ledge.” I’m sure I would have settled for a lot less. Christine was great in offering advice and guidance through the entire process and was always quick to respond to my “Monday Morning” emails and phone calls. We were able to avoid going to court and settled my case in mediation. The outcome could have not been better, thanks to Christine and Jarrod. If am ever in another “fight” (I hope am not.) I would want Christine and Jarrod in my corner!

-James Murray

Oxendine & Sauls are true to their declaration of being aggressive, professional, and effective.

I originally came to Oxendine, & Sauls in 2013 after my last case was left a mess and in shambles by a previous attorney who did not represent me well in my original child custody and child support case. I spoke with Mr. Jarrod Oxendine about the details of the case and he was straightforward regarding what could be done at that time and what could not be. I decided in April 2014 to proceed with a modification based on several circumstances that had changed my possible recourse. The firm began working on the case quickly and right off the bat Mr. Oxendine got me 90% of everything I was seeking just at our first status conference before the judicial officer who too agreed that my current parenting plan was absurd for my young daughter. Our trial was set for July 2014 however, Mr. Oxendine had a conflict, but put the trial in the hands of his equally aggressive and effective associate Mrs. Christine Palmer. Mrs. Palmer shined in the court room at trial and argued our case before the judge who agreed with everything we had petitioned for. Only a couple weeks after our trial ended were we served with a contempt action which was frivolous in nature. Again, the firm jumped on this action swiftly and again the judge agreed with them that it was a ridiculous action and did not find me in contempt. Due to the frivolous actions on the part of the opposing side, Oxendine, & Sauls also are fighting to recover the unnecessary fees that were incurred during each case. Overall, this firm has a well cohesive blend of highly skilled attorneys who take the necessary steps to handle each case with care and diligence and if need be, they are not afraid to be as aggressive as possible to get the desired outcome for their clients. I only wish that I had found this firm sooner than 2013.

-Victoria Wright