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Child Support

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Securing Support for Your Children

If you and your spouse decide to split up and get a divorce, there will be a number of decisions you need to make in regards to your children and finances. One of these important decisions has to do with child support payments to ensure your children are cared for. Our child support attorneys at Oxendine & Sauls, LLC understand the importance of making sure your child has the financial resources to thrive. We can help parents establish fair child support payments as well as ensure that our clients are not taken advantage of. We are able to handle cases throughout Atlanta.

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How Child Support is Calculated in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, there are a number of factors that are considered by the court when deciding which parent will pay child support and how much they will be required to pay. Typically, the non-custodial parent will provide support.

The factors that help determine the amount of support include:

  • The income of each party
  • The health condition of each party
  • The job / education of each party
  • The number of children both parties have
  • The children's daily / regular expenses

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Although the court may try to make the best decision about your child support case, they do not always have 100% of the information in front of them. It is up to you to retain competent counsel to advocate for you and illustrate why a specific amount of support should be awarded to either side. If you are concerned that your spouse will request too much child support from you or try to prevent you from getting the support your child needs, our child support attorneys can advocate for you.

We are here to help you avoid battling out your issues in court—which can become costly. That's why we keep our legal fees reasonable so that you can afford the reliable representation you deserve. Keep your child's best interests in mind by speaking with a member of our legal team today in a complimentary consultation.

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