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Successful Post-Divorce Modifications for Parenting Time & Child Support

We were able to successfully modify a parenting time schedule from a divorce which proved to be not in the best interest of the child. In that same action, we were able to successfully increase the amount of child support owed to the client due to the ex-husband’s increase in income.

Secured Visitation Rights for Grandparents

We were able to successfully secure regular, liberal grandparent visitation rights for a set of grandparents who had been an integral part of the grandchildren’s lives until the mother suddenly and immediately ceased all contact between grandparents and children.

Successful Litigation of Contempt Action After Interference with Custody Agreement

We were able to successfully litigate a contempt action where the former wife was interfering with the former husband’s custodial time.

Client Reimbursed for IRS Payments Made Toward Marital Tax Debt

We were able to successfully get our client reimbursed for payments made to the IRS toward a marital tax debt the husband was responsible for pursuant to the divorce decree.

Amicable Agreement Negotiated for Unmarried Parents with One Child

We were able to negotiate an amicable agreement between unmarried parties who shared one child and resided in separate states.

Client Not Held in Willful Contempt of Court

We were able to ensure that our client was not held in willful contempt of court for missed payments due to the loss of his employment.

Settlement for 30-Year Marriage Provides Wife Alimony & Half of the Marital Assets

In a divorce case where the marriage was almost 30 years, we were able to secure the wife over half of the marital assets, in addition to alimony, due to the fact that her earning potential post-divorce was far less than that of the husband.

Premarital & Marital Settlement Negotiated in Same-Sex Divorce

In a same-sex divorce, we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of assets, both premarital and marital. The parties had been living together as a couple for much longer than they had been legally married due to the previous ban on same-sex marriages.

Father Awarded Primary Physical Custody in Post-Divorce Modification

In a post-divorce modification case, we were able to prevent the mother from moving with the children to New York. The Court ruled that if the mother relocated to New York, custody of the parties’ children would automatically revert to the father. Following her move to New York, father was granted primary physical custody and allowed to keep the children enrolled in their schools here in Georgia.

Father Granted Custody After Mother Moved Children Out of State Without Consent

We represented a father in a legitimation action where the mother had unilaterally removed the children from the state. Our Motion for Emergency Hearing and Emergency Ex-Parte Custody was granted and the Court compelled the mother to return, with the children, to the state of Georgia. Following the hearing, custody of the children was granted to the father and the mother was awarded only supervised visitation due to her actions.

Protection from Spouse's Credit Card Debt

We represented a wife in a divorce where the parties had been separated and living apart for many years. We were successful in shielding her from being responsible for the credit card debt the husband had incurred during the separation, as well as ensuring she received her equitable marital portion in a vacation property that the husband had purchased prior to the marriage.

Primary Physical Custody & No Alimony Payments

We represented a husband who found out his long-time wife was cheating. He immediately contacted us as soon as he learned of the affair. We were able to negotiate a settlement on his behalf where he was awarded primary physical custody of the parties’ three children and did not have to make any child support payments or spousal support payments to his ex-wife, despite the fact that he was undisputedly the higher income earner during the marriage.

Negotiated Property Settlement That Paid for Spouse's Moving Expenses

We represented a wife who was fearful of her husband and needed to move back to the west coast with her family. Through the divorce process, we were able to ensure that her two children were allowed to relocate to California with her while negotiating a parenting time schedule to allow an extended break and summer parenting time with the father here in Georgia. We were also able to secure a property settlement on her behalf which paid for her moving expenses.