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Contested Divorce in Barrow County

Contested Divorce in Barrow County

How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

On rare occasions, couples who decide to divorce will navigate the whole process, from beginning to end, with mutual agreement on all fronts. However, couples rarely agree on all the details of their split. Given that divorce typically requires division of property, assets, finances, child custody, and more, there are hundreds of points on which to disagree. When spouses disagree, it becomes a contested divorce.

Contested divorces are notoriously expensive because they require court hearings, a discovery period, and a trial. It is not uncommon for contested divorces to span more than 18 months. Contested divorce also requires the filing spouse to provide a judge with a significantly large amount of personal information in order to equip them to make the best possible decision about how finances, property, parenting rights, etc. will be divided.

If you go into a contested divorce without adequate legal representation, your divorce can take even longer and be more costly. Without an experienced divorce lawyer on your side, you could miss important court deadlines, fill out paperwork improperly, accidentally rob yourself of important financial support such as alimony or child support, or be taken advantage of by a spouse who has hired a family lawyer.

In Barrow County, our divorce lawyers can help you avoid a contested divorce. We can also help you explore alternative resolution methods and even change the status of your divorce from contested to uncontested, in order to save you significant time and expense. If a contested divorce is the only way forward, our team at Oxendine & Sauls, LLC is prepared to minimize the complexity and challenges of your divorce and help you achieve the best resolution possible.

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