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Probate Law in Atlanta, GA

Probate is the legal process that typically takes place after someone dies.The probate process often involves proving that a Last Will and Testament is valid or not. The probate process may also involve identifying a decedent’s lawful heirs. The goal of probate is to ensure the orderly and legal transfer of property from a decedent.

The administration of an estate is highly personal and often emotional. The law office you call for probate assistance needs to be skilled and competent in dealing with estate matters.

In Georgia, probate, guardianship, and trust practice areas of the law are very specialized. Very few lawyers truly have the experience to litigate disputes involving estates - we have that experience.

The probate administration of a Decedent's normally estate involves:

  • Estate Asset Identification
  • Settling any debts owed by the Decedent
  • Distributing the remaining assets to the Decedent's heirs or beneficiaries in accordance with a Will.

The administration of the Estate involves:

  • Paying any taxes that may be owed
  • Pursing any claims against third parties that are owed to the Estate
  • Determining the identity of the Decedent's heirs if he died without a Will


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