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Personal Injury

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Our lawyers build individualized solutions geared toward meeting the unique needs of clients and their families. When you hire our family law attorney, you can be confident that you have made the right choice. We will devote our attention to your case and bring clarity to your legal situation through in-depth legal knowledge and resources.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Our firm has handled work injury cases involving farm equipment; pipeline explosions; serious truck accidents, motorcycle wrecks and car wrecks and serious construction accidents. If you’ve been injured, you need an experienced attorney fighting for you. We understand that every case is not the same and we offer free consultations to evaluate your case. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys and staff will lead you through the legal process and you will never pay us one penny until your case is settled and you get paid.

Our law firm’s philosophy is that a personal injury case should be prosecuted aggressively. We have a record of substantial net-to-client recoveries.  We believe experience and success qualifies us to handle the most significant personal injury cases. Our success is based on a few basic principles:

  •  We believe that our referring clients and attorneys must be able to trust us. Those relationships are worth more than any fee we have ever earned.
  • We believe that we must have the resources available to do first-class work.
  • We hire the best expert witnesses available. We will invest the time, effort and money that a case needs.
  • We believe that our cases must be actively prosecuted. A lawsuit is not like fine wine.; it does not improve with time.
  • We believe that if you prepare a case for trial, it is more likely to settle. If you prepare a case to settle, it is more likely to go to trial.
  • We believe that client communication is essential. We make ourselves accessible to our clients at all times. At our firm, it is a privilege to work for the client. We give professional advice, but it is the client’s decision whether to accept a settlement or proceed to trial. Call for a free consultation today!

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