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Civil Litigation

The Right Attorney

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Our lawyers build individualized solutions geared toward meeting the unique needs of clients and their families. When you hire our family law attorney, you can be confident that you have made the right choice. We will devote our attention to your case and bring clarity to your legal situation through in-depth legal knowledge and resources.

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Civil Litigation Lawyer

Seeking monetary damages in a non-criminal dispute involving personal injury, real estate, property damage, employment, or workers’ compensation?

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes. Avoid the mistakes commonly made by those who go it alone.

What Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

A civil litigation attorney will take you through the entire process of filing and pursuing a non-criminal lawsuit. Our attorneys can also advise you on whether your case is best suited for court, or can be handled better outside of the courtroom. Some examples of civil litigation include:

  • Alimony
  • Personal injury
  • Debt settlement
  • Discrimination

Why Our Attorneys Are Ideal Representatives for Your Case

Our comprehensive legal skill includes the experience and training necessary to take our clients through the legal process step by step. Our extensive knowledge base allows us to offer broad-ranging legal advice you can count on. We can advise you on a range of civil litigation matters. When an issue arises it may not immediately be litigious in nature. With our firm on your side, you will be prepared for all eventualities. We provide legal representation for the following steps of the litigation process:

  • Initial Case Investigation/Assessment
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pre-Trial
  • Trials
  • Settlements
  • Appeals

Litigation Attorneys You Can Trust

Experienced and successful Atlanta civil litigation attorneys know there is no cookie-cutter approach to cases. There are no guarantees – only questions and the ability to provide the best answers. We craft our litigation methods to offer the maximum effect in the pursuit of your ideal outcomes. You can rest assured that we will represent your best interests, because your case will be in the hands of attorneys who take the time to treat you like a client instead of a case file.

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